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ConsoleCommander is a (hard) game made for Ludum Dare 39. In the game you control a spaceship via a console. There's no real goal or end, just try to destroy as many enemy ships as possible before you run out of power/fuel/oxygen.

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How To:

Input commands via the console or bind commands to your keyboard and try to fight against the ai opponent. After using the start command your compass will point in the direction of the enemy. To conserve power and/or fuel you can disable ship systems like navigation and life support. A full list of ship systems and their id is available through the "systems" command.


tab - toggle console

custom - bind your own controls with the console

Example Console Commands:

'burn 1' - Burn thrusters for 1 second.

'turn 90' - Turn 90 degrees.

'bind w "burn 2"' - Burn thrusters for 2 seconds when pressing 'w' (if the console isn't in focus).

'bind space fire' - Fires the weapon when 'space' is pressed (if the console isn't in focus).


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ConsoleCommander-win64.zip 3 MB
ConsoleCommander-win32.zip 2 MB
consolecommander-1.0.0_all.deb 65 kB
ConsoleCommander-macosx.zip 4 MB
ConsoleCommander.love 67 kB

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